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Psalms 89 and 110: Nemo Me Impune Lacessit

The Great Highland Bagpipe of Scotland historically has been preeminently an instrument of war and in English Common Law is classified as a weapon.

Most music heard on the bagpipe today, whether of Scottish or Irish origin, is a product of the Scottish Regimental experience in the British Army since the mid 1700’s. However, for centuries before that the Scottish Bagpipe was an instrument integral to the Highland Clan Culture whose music was called Piobaireachd (pronounced: Pibroch), today the classical music of the Scottish Bagpipe.

In every Clan there was a Bard and a Piper. The Bard performed in recitations the oral traditions of Gaelic poetry, much of which exalted the current and past experiences of the Clan itself. The Piper performed music for the Clan and its Chief, much of which exalted the military exploits of that particular Clan’s history.

When a Chief decided on war he would have his Piper play the pipes to “gather” the fighting men of the Clan to assemble for battle. Many tunes for these “gatherings” were a prominent part of the Piobaireachd repertoire. And when the fighting started the Piper had the honor of following directly behind the Chief who was always on point leading the charge.

Hence, wherever I play, the skirl of my pipes calls all Americans to “gather” and restore our country to its Covenantal and Constitutional foundations: nemo me impune lacessit.

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