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It was the perfect ending to our wedding weekend.....Mark LOVED it and was very surprised! I will send you pictures when I get them.

Thank you!

S. Smith


Thank you for your performance at my brother’s Naval Retirement Ceremony. This was the first Naval Retirement Ceremony ever held at the National Navy SEAL Museum & Memorial.

Your rendition of “Anchors Aweigh” was well done and emotional for everyone. Of course, the Marine Corps Brigadier General got a bit misty eyed when you moved right into the Marine Corps Hymn.

The ceremony would not have been complete without your wonderful bagpipes.

Thank You! Ho – Yah!!!

T. Davidson


My sister's husband had an iPad set up at the hospital so my dad got to see the whole thing. He starting crying as soon as he heard the pipes. That was the exact reaction I was going for!!

Thank you again!



Really great job last night!!!! Thank you very much. I kept your cards for future performances. 

M. Wagerer


Thank you for making our wedding even more special than it was already.

Your timing and responsiveness to my queries were impeccable as was your performance. Frank was surprised and delighted with the entire arrangement.

I would highly recommend you to anyone who is planning a special event; whether it is a wedding, birthday or anniversary, to book you as you are the "piped icing" on the cake.

B. Savini-Gallagher


We can't thank you enough for being able to play at our wedding. Your performance was beyond expectation and an incredible surprise for most.

The bagpipes do something for the soul, something no other instrument seems capable of; and in your hands it set the tone for a magical afternoon: the best day we've ever shared together.

Many thanks and all the best!

C. and T. Vegas


Just a short note to thank you again for your memorable performance at our 2015 Indian River Club Armed Forces Challenge golf event this past Veterans Day.

Our veterans, families and guests were truly touched by your music, professionalism and respect for our event. You were the highlight of our Opening Ceremony.

We look forward to your attendance at our 2016 Armed Forces Challenge.!

Chris Coy

LTC, USA, Ret.


Jack, The Treasure Coast Bagpiper is such an amazing and authentic piper that the law firm of Lytal, Reiter, Smith, Ivey & Fronrath has booked every St. Patrick's Day for the last few years and will again for as long as he is willing. He is that good.

Jack plays the traditional and some of the more authentic pieces that you rarely get a chance to hear. We love him!

Greg Martini

Director of Marketing


You played bagpipes at our wedding almost 10 years ago (October 8, 2005) in the small Ryssby church outside of Longmont/Boulder.

You ended up playing longer than we had originally agreed upon. I had planned on sending you a check for the extra time, and I just came across it. I must not have ever mailed it with all of the wedding commotion.

You really made our wedding ceremony special and I would like to send you the check, if you can give me your new Florida mailing address. I wrote a new one, since the other is from an old checking account!

Patti Wilder


We had a wedding at a house on Jupiter Island. We asked Jack to come down the beach playing at the end of our ceremony. We were delayed an hour due a passing storm. Jack was ready and very accommodating.

He played Irish songs for the bride’s Dad and the Marine Corps hymn for the groom’s Dad. He was easy to communicate with via text and phone.


He was top notch and we could not be more satisfied! You made our wedding ceremony very special! We cannot thank you enough!!!!

Ben Cramer


We so enjoyed your bagpipe performance at Dad's 80th birthday party. It was the highlight of the evening and wonderful to see dad enjoy the surprise so much.

He was a drummer in the marching band in high school many years ago, hence his instinctive reaction in joining in with salad spoons as drumsticks!

Our guests thought the music was great and everyone commented most enthusiastically on it. I know that those guests who were able to spend time chatting with you afterwards really enjoyed getting to know you a little.

Thank you so much - you made the party even more fun than anticipated. 

J. Bruce


Jack called me personally to discuss my wishes. He made the passing of my father a little easier to bare, he was everything my father had wanted for his 

funeral. We had stayed in contact with each other until the end. Even after the funeral he took the time to talk to us and meet my mother, my husband and 

my brother. We can't thank him enough for what he gave our family.

Vanna  V.


Jack was great, he played beautiful Irish music as we asked at all the right times. I definitely recommend him and will hire him again. Well worth it. 

E Feist


Treasure Coast Bagpiper was the perfect choice to end the memorial service. His willingness to accommodate our needs and talent far exceeded our hopes. Thank you for helping to make our service so memorable for so many.

Janette K


Jack was a great success at our party. He played the requested songs and kept everyone engaged & dancing. No one at the party knew we had a bagpiper coming until he made the surprise appearance playing Amazing Grace and Danny Boy. The birthday recipient said he will never forget this birthday & was the best present ever. I would highly recommend Jack for any celebration. He was fantastic.

Noreen R


Wonderful!  Very talented, professional and accommodating!

Natalie T


Can’t say enough about Jack. Not just a great piper, but a great guy. Played the wedding on the beach and then stuck through horrendous storms for the reception. I come from a big Irish family, and they all loved hanging out with him at the reception. Highly recommend. Thanks Jack

Francis K


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